Three creative minds – one common language

For Designers

Create designs by using the building blocks and the tools of the Web. Powerful browser engines in conjunction with HTML5 and CSS3 make it possible to bring device-independent designs to life right in your browser.

For Concepters

Create prototypes to control the proper interaction of all elements of the design. It's the content that matters. Work device-independent from mobile, via the desktop layout to print without leaving the application.

For Developers

Create the layout structure, optimize semantics and accessibility using an unique visual workflow. Take advantage of CSS frameworks for rapid development and full control over CSS to create re-usable code.

Modern Web Technologies
Typography & Web Fonts
Responsive Web Design
  • Project Management

    Create and manage your projects in the dashboard, each one with unlimited HTML and CSS files. Thinkin' Tags supports for several CSS frameworks for a rock solid foundation. And of course, you can build on plain HTML/CSS.

  • A unique visual workflow

    Build your prototypes in a slender and intuitive environment directly in your web browser. Thinkin' Tags provides an unique visual workflow, based on the needs of professional web development and design.

  • Responsive Webdesign

    Test and adjust your design prototypes for mobile and print devices directly within the application. Thinkin' Tags can emulate viewport widths of typical mobile devices as well as the media type "print".

  • Stunning Web Typography

    Work with great web fonts into your prototypes. Thinkin' Tags provides you direct access to more than 600 fonts of the steadily growing Google Font Library.

  • Advanced CSS Editing

    Thinkin' Tags powerful CSS engine gives you the freedom to create beautiful designs using the latest CSS3 features and the control to write truly reusable code.

  • Visual HTML Editing

    Insert structural design building blocks into your layouts comfortable via Drag & Drop. To fine tune your markup Thinkin' Tags offers rich DOM manipulation features such as wrapping/unwrapping elements or changing element types.

  • Semantics does matter!

    Visual editing makes planning and editing your document outline more simple comfortable than ever before by visualizing the semantic structure of your content.

  • Internal HTML Editor

    Double click on any element in your layout to open Thinkin' Tags HTML editor and get full access to the markup. The editor supports syntax highlighting, live code linting and Emmet (former ZenCoding) support.

  • Internal CSS Editor

    Thinkin' Tags CSS editor supports syntax highlighting and live CSS linting. It's a comfortable and easy way to include existing code snippets into your projects.

  • Device Independence

    Switch to the print version of your layout with a single click. It has never been easier to manage print styles.

Visually oriented Workflow
Professional Code Quality
Web based Development

This is what our early «test pilots» say ...

"If you are looking for a tool that gives you a reliable starting point for your web projects, then I recommend Thinkin' Tags. Simply choose between content-ready YAML or HTML templates or start from scratch and have your web project up and running within a few minutes. The interface is user-friendly and professional editing options make front end web development a pleasure. Developers using Thinkin' Tags need no longer worry about browser compatibility for their basic layouts and can concentrate fully on project related tasks."

Stefan Asemota
Freelancer (

"With Thinkin' Tags my development process is much easier now. It helps a lot developing with the YAML framework and I learned more about YAML!"

Sven Wolfermann
Freelancer (

"Working with Thinkin' Tags is really a great pleasure. Using one tool for coding and design with full control over my markup and CSS makes it easy to create HTML prototypes. No more switching between multiple tools: writing HTML and CSS in a text editor, testing in the desktop browser and on multiple devices, analysing problems in firebug and going back to the editor. By making copies of your prototypes you can even manage a couple of different versions within a project. I'm really looking forward to upcoming features of Thinkin' Tags."

Nils Pooker
Freelancer (